Barberton Nature Reserve

The Barberton Nature Reserve is one of the most accessible of the Mpumalanga nature reserves and has become a popular weekend destination for many day visitors from all around. The Reserve conserves a bushveld, savannah biome in scenic country just a short drive from both centres. The reserve is home to a variety of game, including kudu, mountain rhebuck, nyala, zebra, grey duiker, impala, wildebeest and the rare red duiker. Klipspringer also occurs on the numerous rocky outcrops. The Noordkaap River, which runs through the reserve, provides an interesting focal point. A feature known as the Barberton Sea Dam on the river attracts many visitors. The Barberton Mountains are extremely rich in Plant species, more so than any other area of the province. Some of the species are solely restricted to this area such as the Protea Curvata. The vegetation belongs to the Sour Lowveld Bushveld of the Savanna Biome. This is mostly an open to closed tree savannah, with dense riverine fringes along drainage lines and open grassy areas on the northern ridge. The grass constituent is generally tall, tufted and relatively dense. Contact us today and let us give you this experience you will never forget.